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Pear Snatch Blocks

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Max Rope Diameter Max Vertical Load A B C D E
0.125 Pending 1.5 0.25 1.0 0.375 0.875

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request-quote-btnAMC is the original innovator in integrated, interlocking snatch block technology. This one-piece innovation increases the safety and security for you, our customer. Another unique feature of our diamond and pear blocks is that they are manufactured to be flat on both sides. This allows them to be stacked in a fixture or secured to flat surfaces without being compromised by pressure points.

For those situations where one line is simply not enough, more sheaves can quickly and easily be added to our diamond and pear blocks.

Our diamond and pear block housings are manufactured from artificially aged aluminum and come standard in an anodized finish. The sheaves are mild steel and come standard in several imperial and metric steel-wire rope sizes. The bearing at the heart of each sheave is a double shielded, steel, single-row radial ball bearing.

Upon request, we can substitute other components and materials for special requirements such as harsh environments and alternative ropes.

About selecting a Snatch or Pear Block
Diamond and pear blocks are used to change the direction of a rope and make it easier to move heavy loads.
Diamond and pear blocks have a sheave (also called pulley) inside. The sheave is a grooved wheel that turns as the rope is moved. The groove in the sheave is cut to size for a specific sized rope. If the groove and the rope do not match, it can reduce the useable life of the rope.
Diamond and pear blocks can be hung from a clevis, hook, bolt, or other mounting hardware (not included).

The load on the block is a factor of the included angle of the rope as it passes over the sheave and of the tension in the rope.

Working Load Limits Рis the maximum load these blocks are designed to hold provided that the load is not people or that the load is not lifted over people. This rating is one fifth of the ultimate strength.

Safe Working Load Рis the maximum load these blocks are designed to hold when lifting people or lifting over people. This value is half of the Working Load Limit and one tenth of the ultimate strength.


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